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Can you imagine that one year has passed and that this is my last post my first year as an ambassdor for Dermosil?! Crazy how fast time flyes!

Today I wanted to make a post that I really love when others do, an “empty bottles”, “I will buy again” kind of post. I love those posts since they really tell the truth, these products have been used.

But I have to say, it was hard to choose only a couple of products, cause when you come into our home, you right away see Dermosil products in every corner, haha. In our bedroom, in the kitchen, in our home office and of course a lot of products in our bathroom. But here are some products I know I will order again as soon as the bottle is empty 🙂

Btw in the end of this post I’ll have a nice offer for you! 

sandraemilia, dermosil, ambassador, beauty, products, favorites, carrot oil

Now this might look full to you and yes, that’s because it almost is (would not look as full though if it wasn’t layed down) but of this carrot oil I got two bottles, this newer one and another one almost empty bottle in Forsby. This is one of those oils that really works on me! I feel like it’s making my skin softer without clogging and I also believe that it makes my skin heal faster when I have a scar from a pimple for example. Another plus is that it’s definitely a long lasting product!

Believe me I’ve tried a lot of oils (couldn’t be without that kind of product) and this is for sure one of the best! Find the carrot oil here.

sandraemilia, dermosil, ambassador, beauty, products, favorites, volume, silver, schampoo

Here I chose two products but I really would like to lift the whole series these two products belong to, hehe. The volume products surprised me so much! I’ve tried so many volume products and no one ever works! So that’s what I thought about these too, but no, I got to eat that up because sometimes if I use too much product I feel like I get too much fluff, haha. Find the volume shampoo here.

Why I love the silver products from Dermosil is because you can use them every week without feeling that it dries out your hair. Before I’ve used stronger silver products from other brands but I always feel like they make my hair so dry, this from Dermosil is more gentle so that’s why you can easily use it every week without damaging your hair. And yes, it gets the job done! Silver conditioner can be found here.

Btw, I use these two products together most of the time! That’s the perfect combo if you ask me!

sandraemilia, dermosil, ambassador, beauty, products, favorites, highlighter, lipstick

This lipsstick is already my second one so no more words needed, the color is so beautiful and the formula so nice! Find the lipstick in the color Retro here.

I think I’ve been using the same highlighter for almost two years now! And yes, this is the same jar as back then! So it’s definitely a lasting product. The color is beautiful and perfect for everyday use. And that’s what I’ve been doing, using it almost daily for almost 2 years. I want to say I’ll buy this again but I feel like it’s never going to end so I don’t know if I’ll have to, haha.

Update: Oh crap they did not have the higlighter online anymore, I should have checked that out before taking this picture. BUT no problem because here’s a link to another highlighter that I use, sometimes I blend it with my foundation and sometimes I use it before my foundation on certain places in my face.

sandraemilia dermosil cleaning mousse

The last product that I chose is this Cleaning Mousse with Vitamin E. I actually started using it on a regular basis only a couple of months ago because I felt like the cleaning product that I had before didn’t do it’s work. This cleaning mousse feels like it really cleans the skin but without making it dry which is super important to me! Find the mousse here.

And now, if you would like to try out the mousse, the lipstick or the silver conditioner now until 9th of February you will get one of them for free (you choose) if you buy for more then 30 € online. Use one of these codes to get your free product:

sandra01 for the cleaning mousse

sandra02 for the lipstick Retro

sandra03 for the silver conditioner

Happy shopping and please just ask if you have any questions about these products! 🙂


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